Michael E. Kirst

Specializes in Commercial Acumen and Market Knowledge


At EuroAtlantic Partners in Brussels, Belgium, Michael E. Kirst is now employed as a consultant. However, he has a wide range of experience outside of the European Union's capital city.
While at Westinghouse Electric Company, Kirst served as Vice President of Corporate Development. 

While working in this position, he devised and implemented growth strategies for countries in Europe and the Middle East. To meet the fast-changing business conditions in these nations, these growth efforts and strategies were geared toward generating large new business and market expansion, notably in Central and Eastern Europe. All EU and national government interactions were handled by him in the EMEA region as well.

The former Westinghouse Electric Vice President for Central and Eastern Europe and Director of Central and Eastern European Fuel Business in Vasteras, Sweden, where he negotiated a historic fuel agreement with Ukraine (still the largest energy diversification contract in the history of Ukraine) both worked for the company from 2008 to 2010.